Wharton Confirms: Mar Roxas Graduated from School in 1979

Published December 14, 2015 7:55pm

The Wharton School has confirmed that administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas is one of its alumni.

In a reply to GMA News Research, it said Roxas graduated with an economics degree from Wharton in 1979. This is based on the records of the University of Pennsylvania registrar.

GMA News Research sought the confirmation after presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said Roxas’ economics degree was “a myth.”

Roxas’ camp also responded to Duterte’s allegation by posting on his website his picture as a Wharton alumnus, from the Pennsylvania univeristy archives and records center.

“You claim to have graduated from Wharton School of Economics. That is a myth. You did not graduate sa Wharton School of Economics, Mr. Roxas. Wala doon sa listahan na ikaw ay nakakumpleto ka ng four years o five years,” Duterte said in a forum.

Told of Duterte’s remarks, Roxas said, “Kung hindi totoo ang Wharton degree ko, sampalin mo ako. Hindi ako iiwas o iilag. Pero kung totoo ‘yung Wharton degree ko, sasampalin kita.”

Roxas last week said it was not true that Davao City was one of the country’s safest cities. He presented statistics showing that there were 18,000 crime incidents in 2014.

To which Duterte said, “Baka totoo. I tend to believe because the person talking is a political myth.”

The tough-talking Duterte is running on a platform against criminality and corruption. —NB/JST, GMA News

SOURCE: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/547876/news/nation/wharton-confirms-mar-roxas-graduated-from-school-in-1979


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