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Bishop Villegas’ Reaction on Duterte Cursing the Pope

Catholic Archbishop Socrates Villegas reacted negatively to ex-Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cursing Pope Francis on his Facebook page:


What the world desperately needs now is leadership by example. We have so many leaders in office and many more aspiring to sit in office but are they examples of good citizenship? If the leaders we choose are to be leaders for national progress they must be visionaries AND exemplary.
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GIF Images of Sara Duterte Punching Sheriff

Below are GIF Images of Davao Mayor Sara Duterte punching Sheriff who was just trying to do his job. Apparently, “Inday Sara” thinks that beating people up is the right way to respond if somebody doesn’t give her what she wants.

Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff - Medium, 480x270 pixels

Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff – Medium, 480×270 pixels

Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff - Small, 320x180 pixels

Sara Duterte Beating Sheriff – Small, 320×180 pixels


Dirty Finger! Eto! Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Son Reacts to Media

Uploaded on Jul 5, 2011

Defending daughter Sara, Vice-Mayor Duterte unmasks true face of warlordism


Duterte Punches Court Sheriff Amid Demolition Ops in Davao City

ANC videos
Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011

We continue to monitor developments in Davao City. Violence erupted during a demolition operation.

City mayor Sara Duterte repeatedly punched the Sheriff of the Davao Regional Trial Court, Abe Andres during the demolition.
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